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A platinum FileMaker development team

FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, it is a RAD developing platform for managing applications compatible with Macintosh and Windows. His best characteristics are using flexibility and developing speed which make it a perfect platform for business applications linked to operative needs.

Sandeza is a Platinum level member of FileMaker Business Alliance, the developer community recognized by FileMaker Inc., this is due to our competences, able to respond to any needs of development or consultancy on FileMaker platform.

Custom-made applications

Thanks to our developing skills in FileMaker we can offer:

  • personalized applications development for any kind of final use;
  • integration of FileMaker platform in company system already structured

Everything on laptop or desktop (Mac or Windows) spot, on mobile or web.

Classes and consultancy

Thanks to the experience of our team, we can offer:

  • consultancy on structuring and creating of FileMaker applications
  • individual classes on FileMaker
  • FileMaker licensing selling

Old FileMaker solutions

Our technicians know FileMaker since the version 4 so we can perform any kind of conversion, update and improvement of preexisting FileMaker solutions, carrying them to an art being.

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How it works

The platform used to realize our products zService, zProduction and zOndemand is FileMaker.

FileMaker, Apple subsidiary, is a fast developing platform, existing for more than 30 years and world-wide spread, meant to cover every work groups needs without the necessity of building complex and particularly expensive hardware and software architectures.

With our clients, since the first meeting, we build a trial in which:

  • we identify managing issues and bottlenecks in information flows
  • we realize necessary applications
  • we transfer the necessary know-how for the maintenance and implementation of the system in autonomy

All this to obtain the best organizational and technical solution to the different daily managing requirements, frequently handled with methods and tools not coordinated and dispersive, with a direct waste of time and productivity.


All business areas can be managed with a unique software platform allowing a full sharing of information useful among different functions and a full control of the work phases.


FileMaker could be integrated with other database (MySql, SQL, oracle, DBL...) and the REST based web services

Easy development

FileMaker is a fast developing platform which allows a great speed in realization and deployment of application

Mobile and web

With FileMaker it is possible to use mobile (iPad, iPhone) and web devices, ensuring entries from the outside, to give the correct tool, to the correct person in the place and time where it is necessary.

Competence and availability

To successfully introduce a managing system products and services, quality is indispensable. Our technicians are not just developers but also competent consultants on different business process. This to be able to figure out the needs, design the solution in collaboration with the client and then realize it, offering a full round support.

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