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Managing customized solutions and applications

Our multyannual experience in customized application software development and systems integration could be directed to any company necessity.

ZOndemand service is for the ones that want to optimize and computerize the managing of internal procedures or, also, for the ones that already own a managing software and want to enlarge and improve it trough the use of web devices and web interfaces.


Planning and creation of completely custom-made managing systems for companies, in areas like:

  • services to businesses or person
  • manifacture
  • advicing
  • trade and tourism

Mobile devices app

We develop custom applications for iOS devices, integrable with our zService and zProduction products or other systems.
Some example:

  • Trading, prototyping and prevention activities management
  • Direct orders collection from clients and agents
  • Installation and configuration of heat measure systems management
  • Employees presence management
  • Multy warehouse management and tracking
  • Applications for medical, veterinary and eye care studies


Analysis, design and development to deal with problems that include integration between different system, such as:

  • Data trade between managing suite and advanced accounting software
  • data integration and analysis via ODBL on standard database like MySQL, Oracle, SQL server, DBL, Access etc.
  • Interaction and data trade with logistic companies software, for the management of their own warehouse in escrow

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How it works

Sandeza has a multyannual experience in software development.
Trough the service, zOndemand, offers its own availability for custom development and design.
The target is to support any kind of companies needs, trough the realization of customized applications and the integration of system based on different platforms.

A deep and careful analysis work, the possibility of design and personalize different processes, characteristic of flexibility, openness and speed in FileMaker development platform and the high competences of our team are the foundations to achieve this target.

Design completely customized software, develop custom applications for iOS, realize software capable to integrate different platform systems based: those are the main element which features our activities and experiences.

The openness to the most disparate needs, lived as a challenge, linked to the pluriannual experience and the availability to operate in the entire Italian and European territory, are what guides the relationship with the clients and the key of our success.

Intended audience

zOndemand service is intended for those which needs to optimize the management of specified procedures not yet ruled by appropriate IT tools.

Analysis and design

Every custom development has to be born from a careful and deep analysis. Our team experience and competence in the management of companies flows are the main issues during the understanding and analyzing phase.


Modern cyber horizons require integration between different system and platforms. A lot of our activities of custom development have been made with this purpose.


We are open to the most and disparate requests and needs, that we live as a challenge. The aim is to help our client to manage his activities in a faster, automatic and efficient way.

Mobile and web

Making available and collecting data in the place and in the time when they spread is fundamental for the quality itself of the process management. We realize applications on iOS platform which can permit the use of data coming from our or different software.


Our team has a pluriannual experience during which it gained an effective and strong programming style that allows to operate in speed, without renounce to quality.


Our attitude to the software development is based on the search for always more innovative methods. Not only in programming technique but also, and overall, in the logics and methods of process management and work flows. The correct and modern approach to the various problems allows, in most of the cases, a simplification of the development, that lead to a reduction of time and costs.

Competences and availability

To successfully introduce a managing system products and services, quality is indispensable. Our technicians are not just developer but also competent consultants on different business process. This to be able to figure out the needs, design the solution in collaboration with the client and then realize it, offering a full round support.

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