Solutions and innovations for corporate issues

Sandeza was born to offer companies software platforms and all advices, coaching and start-up services required to reach an integrated, innovative and customized management of any procedures and work flows.

We look for and cultivate competences both in our team and partners, in order to face demands and provide organizational and software solutions in every business area: commercial, logistic, productive and administrative.
Our software solutions are carried out with FileMaker. We are platinum members of FileMaker Business Alliance.

Apart from availability and competence, technicians can play the role of consultant to help users exploiting zService and zProduction functions (tools).

Sandeza srl


Operational headquarters – Turin
Via Francesco Guicciardini, 3
10121 Turin, Italy
phone: +39 011 0438747

Operational headquarters – Lecco
23854 lecco, Italy


Rekordata (Turin)
Via Fratelli Bandiera, 3/A
10138 Turin, Italy
phone: +39 011 19748100
Rekordata (Milan)
Viale Achille Papa, 30
20149 Milan, Italy
phone: +39 02 3675050


Rekordata (Padua)
Via Venezia, 60
35131 Padua, Italy
phone: +39 049 0995900
Rekordata (Bologna)
Via Michelino, 57
40127 Bologna, Italy
phone: +39 051 0218820



Rekordata (Florence)
Via Fra’ Angelico, 34/35
50121 Florence, Italy
phone: +39 055 679335
Rekordata (Pontedera)
Piazza Nilde Lotti, 13
56025 Pisa, Italy
phone: +39 0587 488155




the team


Andrea Francica



Enrico Busso

President & Senior Consultant


Daniele Biolatti

Market & Business Developer


Teresa Catania



Alberto Consoli

Account Manager


Noemi Bosio

Account Manager


Matteo Ballarini



Federico Severin

Senior Developer & Analyst


Letizia Faulisi

Senior Developer & Analyst


Jairo Cortez

Marketing Assistant


Mara Verri

Account Manager


Mario Di Nitto


Our Partners

leader in supplying of innovative technological solutions and in creation of infrastructures for companies

Together with Rekordata, we try to increase and complete our commercial offers, proposing innovative solutions, in order to lead the customer in a qualify way, giving him the support he needs, throught his whole digitalization path. Our commitment is to offering an entire experience, that includes both the software and the hardware part.

Smart connection and integration between machinery and company managing system

Our partner in the industry 4.0 mission, by combining the skills and tools in our possession, we managed to create a synergistic interconnection between our zProduction software and “the smart hinge 4.0” created by Orchestra for the interconnection of machines in production

Web environments, native mobile applications and e-commerce specialists
Synesthesia is our key contact partner for all web applications (like this website!) and e-commerce. Together with Synesthesia we are going to realize a new way to look at the e-commerce platform, basing it directly on zService.

Benchmarking and industrial cost analysis specialists
Combining our technical and process competences with MEC we operat on projects linked to Industry 4.0, smart factory, engineering and production trials innovation, using zProduction and custom-made solutions.

We have choosen to travel together along the path towards the integration between our platform and the digital tools of Modalsource, we want to offer a product that is up to date and based on new technologies for marketing automation.

specialist developers in management and accounting applications in FileMaker 

Solinf, with its solutions based on accounting and electronic invoicing, is the partner who helps us to widen the borders of our software. Together we created a connection between our systems in order to offer a product that manages all business needs

Partner on the direct connection of zProduction with industrial equipments, in a industry 4.0 view.

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